Episode 9

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Episode 9

Hello and welcome to the 9th outing of the Bonn and Obo Show!!

It’s been about a year since he last episode, but here we are none the less.


In this episode we return once more to Cardic FM.

Obo brings a gift for Bonn, and then tries to file a complaint about his treatment on the show. Plus other delights.

Thank you for download and listening





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Two Minute Tit Bit

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Two Minute Tit Bit

…..er Hello?.. Is there anybody there…?


Oh well, carry on regardless.

Hello and welcome to the first Bonn and Obo Tit Bit. (first of many we hope)

We hope you enjoy this overdue and short addition to our Podcast feed, and please leave some feedback on what you think, as it’s good to know that what is being done any good.

Contact the show the usual ways:-

Twitter – @bonnandobo

Email – [email protected]

Skype – bonn_obo


Many Thanks.


Bonn and Obo

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Episode 8

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Episode 8

Well Love A Duck! Its Episode 8 of the Bonn And Obo Show.  Back after a long break

Well how the hell have you all been huh?….. Really?!…. Actually! Don’t care.

It this all new episode we discuss, Obo’s part time job, Hospital TV, and why Bonn hates Cable TV.

There are a few sketches thrown in for good measure.  Enyoy! And let us know what you think.


Twitter: @bonnandobo

NEW EMAIL: [email protected]

Skype: bonn_obo

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